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My Friends

September 29, 2009
By Moeko Suzuki BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Moeko Suzuki BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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“Thank you for everything.” I said to my classmates. My friends started to cry. Until that time, I didn’t cry but when I saw my friends were crying, tears came out from my eyes and salty taste spread in my mouth. As I finished my farewell speech, I hugged classmates. I was really sad to leave the school before I graduate because as I spent time with the classmates, I learned many values and moral that was really important for my life. However, my class was not good from the first time we gathered.

In my old school in Japan, there was no class change between G8 and G9 so that I had to spend with the same member for two years. On the first day of G8, all students walked toward to a board that had class lists on it and students were really noisy. My class was class “A” but my close friends were in different classes. I was detached from my friends. When I entered a classroom, people already gathered and separated into many different groups. Some groups were consisting of people who were smart. Some groups were consisting of people who were funny. We always got along with own group and didn’t talk with other groups. Moreover, it took much time to decide groups for a trip because we all complained about how we decided the group.

After a half year passed, we had a sports festival that was really important event for all students in the school. We started to prepare for it from the end of summer vacation until the day of sports festival in the middle of September. The smell of sweat was filled in a gym every day. On the day of the sports festival, we tied smooth head band around our head. Our faces showed excitement and nervous. As a last contest, relay for fast runners was programmed. When the relay started, all students in the school became nervous about it. The relay was for people who were fast so, I was watching the relay. I grabbed my friend’s hand that was warm and sweaty, and it was shaking like mine. All of us watched the relay with bated breath. The players from my class were 1st place at the first time. However, at middle point, class B passed my class. When the relay finished, we gave a shout of joy as big as explosion. At the ending ceremony, we had a result for the competition. A principal walk and step up stairs. When he stood on a stage, everyone looked at him. “The winner is…” No one was moving. “Class A!!!” Suddenly, a great cheer arose again, and everyone filled eyes with tears. As the sports festival finished, our atmosphere became really good. We naturally had a corporation among the class.

Next year, when we became G9 students, naturally, we were always together. In the class, we didn’t care which group we were in. When we had to make a group, we had no more arguments to decide groups for trips. In addition, we won the sports festival in G9. Also, we won a choral competition in G9. As the class got closer and closer, we had many memories.

I am happy that I was in class A and I had fun time in the class. Moreover, I leaned that to cooperate each other is better than alone.

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