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The Night Pub

September 3, 2009
By Cheque BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Cheque BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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“Run Quickly! Police is already running after you!” I stared back to my friends who were still drunk and stunted. My heart danced really fast as if I was still inside the dancing pub. The only thing kept rushing in my head was just to keep running and taking all of those friends out of here….”

Back to three hours, in the prom meeting hall, I walked around to see what delicious food was there. The smell of chicken steak with the tomato source on the top kicked my nose hardly enough to take me in. The chef looked at me and knew that I really wanted to have that appetizing chicken, so he put them on the dish immediately. Suddenly, without thinking of anything, I rushed toward to the table. It tasted out so delicious, really delicious. While eating, my friends started the invite me for the party called “After Prom Party.” I began to think cautiously if I supposed to go there.

“Come on man, it would be safe for sure because they closed the pub for only students in our school. Unreached ages would be fine. Don’t worry!” Such a pressure, a giant friend stood behind me, touching my little shoulder.

“Okay, I must go, right? I hoped nothing would go insanely, amen.” We walked into the car all together after the prom started to get really dull. After a few minute, we already reached the pub named “Groove.” A thousand baht was charged for the ticket, how expensive was that!

The first nano-second I stepped inside, I knew we would not survive until tomorrow. All of them are not reaching the right age. The pub still opened after midnight, illegal here. Of cause, lots of alcohol and cigarettes flew around. It was so bad to breathe the air from the smokers beside me and see friends got drunk excessively.

“Should I be in this place?” A stupid question popped up in my mind. Dancing like crazy people, smoking and drinking alcohol were things that I really hate, especially when they went illegally.

I looked out though the dark window and tried to zoom in at a truck. The big letters were written blurry beside the car, but I just started to realize that the first letter started with a P. P-O-L-I-C-E was what I guessed. Suddenly, without any reasons, grabbed my friends’ hands and ran quickly to the back door of the pub to our van. When I faced back, the group of police wearing uniforms ran into the pub really fast. Then, a group of the students was taken out by the police. My sweat kept flowing out of my skin as if I was in the oven.

“Anyone saw A? Was he still inside?” The horrible question was screamed out by one of us in the van while we were hiding quietly.

Now, it seemed to be only me who did not drink. So, the plan worked out really simple, just get back in the pub and break through the police’s defense, wasn’t that simple? I started to burgle behind the wall and search for my friend A. There he was, behind the police’s back. “How should I get him out from there?” I was afraid. For some stupid reasons, I walked in and caught his hand deadpan. Police turned back immediately! Staring at my eyes, I was shaking, really shaking. He tried to pull A back from my arm.
“Sir, please let him go, he was allergic to alcohol, and I must bring him to the hospital.” Shockingly, how did I express all of those words out from my mouth?
Anyway, A was safe at last because the police trusted me. That night taught me not to believe all of the words from my friends’ mouths. It worked out much better when we decided by ourselves what should be right or wrong. The clearest lesson, I’ve learned following friends to do illegal things would always bring me into the trouble.

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