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My Dogs

January 9, 2023
By Anonymous

My Dogs


I got my first dog when I was around 7 years old. The way we picked his name was because every sibling I have starts with the letter A. So we decided to make the pet names start with the letter B and just go down the Alphabet. So our first dog was named Buddy. Buddy had a really sad backstory kind of thing and it was that he belonged to a trucker and one day the trucker decided to leave him at a bus stop with no food and water and just left. I just don’t understand people that do that kind of thing, just bring him to a vet if you can’t take care of him anymore. Buddy is a great dog but the best way to describe him is a cat trapped in a dog body. He would always do cat things like lay on the top of the couch and would do anything in his power to try to get under furniture even though he would not fit. I like to think Buddy is immortal because he has eaten and has gone through traumatic events and is still alive and healthy. He has eaten our family's socks. There was this one day that we found a pack of light bulbs that were missing a few and we assumed it was Buddy so we had to take him to the vet and see if he was fine and he was. There was another day we let Buddy out to go to the bathroom and we heard the most awful screech and bark. We all came running outside and we saw him lying on the ground in pain. Apparently he stumbled across a bee hive and all the bees that day decided to choose violence that day and Buddy got stung by about 35 bees and after a few weeks with some medication Buddy was happy and ust running around. Now Buddy is 14 years old, strong and healthy and I will alway love him.

The next dog isn't technically my dog but it’s my sisters. There was this one summer that my sister worked at a camping lodge and worked there with her friend. While she was working my sister's friend's dog was pregnant and gave birth to 6 adorable little puppies. My sister wanted one so badly and her friend said that she could have one of them when she went back home after the summer. So when she was thinking of the name it had to start with a B to keep the tradition going and named him Bently. Bently is so nice and does not care what you do to him. Plus he is a cuddler if you are laying anywhere around the house he will find you and just lay on top of you and just sleep. The worst thing a dog can have in my opinion is being allergic to grass. And of course Bently sure was. But it wasn’t like a deadly allergy he could walk on it, eat it (yes he ate the grass I think he thought he was a cow sometimes) and everything but everytime he did his fur would get all oily and shed like a crazy amount more than normal. I also think Bently is immortal and well like Buddy because crazy stuff has happened to Bentley as well. Like he also ate a bunch of socks and the worst thing that happened to him was that he got hit by a car. That was scary because I thought we lost him so my sister rushed him to the vet and a couple hours later she called us to tell us he was fine and needed a few stitches. So after a couple month he had a successful recovery and is doing great now. Bentley is now 13 years old and is strong and healthy just like buddy.

I know parents are like you can’t have a favorite child but this next is my favorite. I still love Budd and Bentley but this one is a little bit better. My entire life I have always wanted a type of bulldog. I don't care what kind of breed I just want a bulldog. One day my mom called me and my brothers and sister to all get together and head home for a surprise. I had no idea what to expect. We get to the front porch and walk in and get greeted by a baby Victorian bulldog. He was the cutest thing ever and was fat and had rolls. He was so small I could hold him in the palm of my hand. This dog was soon named Elliot which I think is a pretty funny name for a bulldog. Growing up Elliot never ran into dangerous things like Buddy and Bentley so I don’t know if he is immortal. Elliot is now huge and loves to sit next to you and he puts one paw on your leg and just leans on you. The one thing about Elliot that I don’t understand is that he is scared of literally everything. It’s kind of funny seeing a big bulldog being scared of a hat. I love Elliot so much and he will always love me. He is now 8 years old and still being scared of everything.

This next dog kind of came out of nowhere. I had a friend staying over and we were just watching a movie in the living room and my mom came home with a bunch of dog stuff. I just assumed it was all for Elliot until I realized it was all girl dog things. Then my mom goes back outside with the biggest smile on her face and comes back with a puppy. My friend and I were just in shock. It's kind of funny that my friend saw the new dog before both my brothers and when they came home they were also in shock. The first girl dog in the family and her name is Lilly. We soon realized she was a barker. She barked nonstop the entire night and I felt super bad for my mom because we kept her In a crate in their room and she just didn’t stop barking. Still to this day she still barks non stop and doesn't know why she does it so much. I think she is like a chihuahua. But she is still a nice dog but she also likes to jump up on people a lot. Other than that we haven't had her for that long so nothing bad has happened to her and is healthy.

Those are all the dogs I have had in my life so far. I would say I am way more of a dog person than a cat person. I did have a cat and his name was Winston loved him but my mom really didn’t like him so we gave them to our neighbor that already owned cats. I would talk about him more but this essay is about my dogs. So that's it. Those are all the dogs I've had in my life and probably more to come.

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This is about my dogs and what they have done throughout the years of me haveing them

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