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Belonging, song of smallness

August 23, 2022
By Ruby66yugai BRONZE, 上海, Other
Ruby66yugai BRONZE, 上海, Other
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Who is "we"? Shall we go romantic?

See the clouds floating in the fiery red sky gathered together to show the shape of love, and see the throbbing of the sun at sunset, which makes people's faces more vivid and lifelike. The afterglow of the sunset fell to the ground, pulling the shadows of people on the street long. At this time, the bell on the top of the church rang, one, two, three... Constantly echoing in the street, as if to remind people from work that it is time to go home. When the last sunshine of the day completely disappeared, the liveliest snack street in the city was still brightly lit all night, hawkers came from the streets, and the colorful neon lights on the streets had already been lit.


And I want to see this splendid night scene with you, and I want to walk around the world with you. I want to spend all these years of campus life with you, without pain or quarrel. Can I go all the way to the end? I want to do what everyone will do when they grow up, and I want to spend this tedious and short life with you. Can we be together forever, make a lifelong agreement with you, and do all the romantic things with you. Promise to make a vow of this life under the fireworks blooming in Disney, and promise to dance in the shadow of Wisteria frames. I want to go to the auditorium to pray. I hope you will be healthy, happy, and free of trouble in your life. Don't be too tired. As long as you are yourself, you will always be the most wonderful hero in my heart.

Come, let's imagine that the dew rolls down from the green leaves in the morning after the rain, and the dragonfly flutters its transparent wings. Is this as green but pure as love now? I'll accompany you through the yurts in the evening, sit and watch the cattle and sheep on the endless grassland, watch the continuous mountains and rivers connected by heaven and earth, watch the crystal clear lakes, and see the silhouette of me and you reflected in the blue water. This is the most beautiful scenery in the world. How I want to record this moment with a camera, let my whole world leave your figure, and let everyone know how wonderful, how happy, and how great it is that I love you.

Choose to ignore when others ridicule you. The lower-status you are, the more unscrupulous you are. Even if you are afraid, you will laugh and sing all the way.

We are so vivid and colorful. Since we can't avoid becoming secular, we are willing to live a crazy existence secular.

The crazy world has no choice but to love as much as possible. My chest is filled with the summer sun, which spreads to all parts of my body.

It doesn't matter if you have only a few days and months to live. It doesn't matter if you die the next second, because you live in my heart every moment which let me feel warmly.

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West, alcohol enters the body, the wind passes through the sunset, the light shines in the afternoon, the neon shines in the evening. Driving to see the sea in the middle of the night until dawn in the morning. All stimulants are called romance.

In the uproar, our destination is pink sand beach.

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About me and the person who I loved.

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