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May 25, 2022
By Anonymous

A place  I have good memories of would be where I used to live when I was younger. It is a place I will always call home even though I don’t live there anymore. Before I moved to Wentzville I lived in Hazelwood. The reason I will always call Hazelwood home is because that's where I grew up and that’s where I made the most memories. The elementary school I went to was in my neighborhood so all my friends lived around me. Everyone would also just go up to the school and hangout on the playground because you never had to go through a major road or anything to get there. From my house it was like 6 houses down so we just walked to school everyday with our neighbors. There would always be at least 10 neighborhood kids at my house in my front yard and we would all just hangout and play together. We were always really close with the neighborhood kids because a lot of them didn’t have the best lives and I think they would come to our house to get away. I will always have the memories of us playing kickball or tag in my front yard or even walking up to our elementary school and going sledding with them because there was a hill up there.  You hear a lot of bad stories about hazelwood and never the good stories, hazelwood was more than what you would hear about on the news. Everybody was always so nice and neighborly like my neighbor that lived across the street from us. When he was cutting his grass he would just come over and cut ours too and never wanted anything in return. Sure there were bad things that happened but there were also a lot of good things that happened and sometimes the good outweighed the bad.  Everytime I would mention where I was from everybody always had something to say about it and it was never a good thing. I moved to Wentzville in 7th grade so it was really hard for me to adjust. Wentzville is a lot different from hazelwood so I never really felt like I fit in here. Everything about both of these places was completely different. There’s a lot I could say about hazelwood but you would never know what it was actually like unless you lived there. We still go back to Hazelwood to visit our old neighbors and go out to eat with them. It’s different now because a lot of our neighbors and friends also moved a couple of years after we left. Everytime we go back it always feels different because I feel like something always changed. I’m a person who doesn’t like change, I just don’t adjust to it well so after we moved it was hard to even go back. I feel as though where I lived in hazelwood was more of a community than where I live now and that’s what I like about it. I will always be proud of where I grew up and nothing will change that. Hazelwood will never be just a place to me, it will always be my home.  

The author's comments:

I really enjoyed writing this in class because it gave me a chance to tell about where I used to live and where I will always call home even though I don't live there anymore.

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