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March 8, 2020
By girlintheshadow BRONZE, Sandy Springs, Georgia
girlintheshadow BRONZE, Sandy Springs, Georgia
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Growth isn’t always constant... relapses happen. You’re not back at square one. Your growth prior to your relapse isn’t erased. Take your time. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll be okay.

You see her, that girl, walking down the hallway 
You try to avoid eye contact with her 
She is the girl who everyone wonders about 
The girl who stays silent 
The girl who hates being in crowds because everyone is always staring 
And they all laugh and whisper 
They never let her go a day without hearing snide remarks 
They call her names and start rumors 
But they don’t know what she has been through 
If only they knew 
I walk down the hallway, avoiding people’s stares 
I hate when they call me names 
I hate when they whisper about me 
But soon I’ll be back home 
And be in the comfort of my own room 
Only to stumble by the mirror and see what they can see 
My eyes gaze at the bruises everywhere that’s not covered 
But that’s all they can see 
But not all that I feel 
If only they knew 
If only they knew 
Well now they do 
That she isn’t hiding in the shadows anymore 
If only they knew 
That I am that girl and I am a survivor 

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