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February 2, 2019
By E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
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DEATH…. An inevitable catastrophe, whose reality escapes us…. We keep living our lives, so engrossed in our everyday existence, so busy in our schedules, so used to our daily routines, taking everything…everyone for granted and then it hits us like a bullet train, shaking us to the core, leaving us with an emptiness, tears and regret. Our hearts wish to beat out of their confines, rip themselves to shreds and scream out their distress. We do not realize the complete importance of that person in our lives, we do not appreciate them enough, we do not realize our yearnings for that “routine”, but the hollowness that ensues, makes us acknowledge that the person was very important for us. That love, those hugs, those prayers, all of them lost in a matter of seconds. The twinkling of those eyes, the gruffness of that voice, the wrinkles of that face…all of those GONE….LOST FOREVER. When we realize that we will never experience the joy in their voice when we talk to them…we will never experience the shine in those old eyes when we see them again… we will never experience the pride when they read our writings… we will never experience the pride when they read our writings… we will never experience their warm hugs, their beating heart. We will never hear them laugh again, we will never see them smile again, we will never see them get sad again because all of those special emotions were lost as soon as they were gone. They will never ask for those favorite dishes, those spicy foods… those secret sweet rendezvouses will not occur again, those teasing remarks wont tease us again, that sweet voice won’t call our name, that beautiful mind won’t worry about us now, they won’t congratulate us on our new achievements, they won’t buck us up for more to come, they won’t teach us great new things again. They won’t dream new dreams for us now. And then all we ask for is one chance… one chance to see those eyes twinkle again… one chance for those lips to form that smile… one chance to hear that laugh again… one chance to listen to those soothing words… one chance to hear that gruff voice… one chance to see them move again…one chance to hug them again… one chance to say goodbye one last time… and one more chance to tell them how we love them…. “I LOVE YOU DADA”.

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