March 26, 2009
By Matthew Payne BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Matthew Payne BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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This album is a sound picture of my life in the 21 century. I am creating this because I think it will be a wonderful thing to share and I can look back at it to remember memories. Like when I first learned how to ride my bicycle. I hope to let other people know who I really am. Later in my life I can use this to show my children what I was like when I was young. People might now understand what it would feel like to walk in my shoes.

Topic 3
I chose “Money” by Pink Floyd as my first song. I chose this mostly because I love money. I have liked money for a long time. I always pick up money off of the ground, even if it is very dirty and has just been oxydised. I look in vending machines for money to see if someone forgot about it and left it there by accedent. I do that in stores, or just about any place that has a machine like that. If I find fifty cents in a store or anywhere there is a vending machine and I am only kind of hungry I will keep the fifty cents and put in my bank. When I go to movies I almost never buy any food or any drinks.
For my second song I chose “War” by Bruce Springsteen. I chose this song because there is a lot of it going on today. I chose it because it talks about why we have it. There has got to be a better way than violence. I wish that there was, because war can’t give life it can only take it away.
I chose “Bicycle” by Queen as my third song. I chose this song obviosely because I learned how to ride my bicycle. Learning how to took a lot of trial and error. I used the little training wheels for a while then once I got the hang of that I moved to only a two-wheel bike without the training wheels. I rode my bike on the flat part of my street and my dad held the back of my seat to keep my steady so I wouldn’t fall. I was riding and I asked him a question while I was riding and his voice didn’t come from behind me. I heard his answer on my side. It surprised me hearing it all the way on the other side of my street . I looked at him and it was so surprising that I fell. Now I can ride a bike though.
I chose “School Daze” by Chuck Berry for my fourth song. I chose this song because I liked my first day of school.

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