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Tomorrow's Morning

May 14, 2009
By Metalhead_Laura BRONZE, Monterey, California
Metalhead_Laura BRONZE, Monterey, California
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'Hello you,' I say every morning. A smile I see as I look at the mirror. It's good to be alive. I sit and think my thoughtful thoughts, as I see the children come in my view. A message comes through my head, and I forget it, and then I am impatient. Though I'm shy to the sun, I'm helpful to the runts, and all there is to give. I understand them all, as I help out. I am mature like them, when they find out. It's good to be alive. Someone once told me, that anger can be fueled, and tiny things get to me, like they get to you. I can be mean and maybe even shallow, but somebody once told me, to breathe and let everything follow. So I say to myself 'it's good to be alive,' as I look to myself, and smile.

The author's comments:
This was an assignment regarding emotions, and this is how I feel almost everyday.

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