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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Ms J has loved only two men in her 26 year life. She is currently dating Barry and has been for three nominal years now.
She says of Barry, “We understand each other and both love doing similar things. For example we love going to Gen Con together.” (Gen Con is a gaming convention held annually in Indianapolis). However nerdy that may sound, I genuinely believe that they are meant for one another. Barry is the only man that allows her to release all her inhibitions and feel free.
She plans to marry him as soon as he pops the question. I’m guessing the wedding will be a prestigious arrangement with a Command and Concur theme.

But In order to understand Ms J’s story you must first understand the integral relationship that preceded Barry.
Justin. This is the name of the first man to posses Ms J’s heart. They were high school sweet hearts. That is until he was diagnosed with cancer.
She explained,” Don’t get the idea that I left my boyfriend just because he got cancer… it was exactly the opposite.”
Let me explain. The ilk of Justin’s family wasn’t exactly desirable. Rather it was completely unsuitable for someone in Justin’s condition. “His parents,” she explained,”were both addicted drug abusers. His dad was so bad that he actually overdosed and killed himself.”
All the while Justin’s condition worsened so Ms J intervened. She thought it was her duty to take care of Justin as some sort of remuneration do to the fact that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.
“If I didn’t help him I was afraid he would die. He had no one else to turn to.”
So this is how their relationship went. She cared for his every need.”Two years of caretaking,” she exclaimed. That is until Justin fortuitously got better.
Now their relationship was saved.
This only complicated things more. “We still loved each other but it would never be the same. It’s virtually impossible to go from boyfriend and girlfriend, to patient and caretaker, back to boyfriend and girlfriend.” It would be incoherent to try to pick up where they left off.
Going through what Ms J went though can tell you a lot about yourself. I’m not going to go on a diatribe about how wonderful she is and I’m not saying she deserves a placard, but it just goes to show what kind of a person Ms J is.

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