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December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

“Your skin is white, your hands cold, you can’t be in the sunlight; I know who you are.”
Did you like twilight?

Did you like the book and why?

Yes, it was very fascinating that a vampire would fall in love with a regular person that now has to be protected from the other vampires that drink human blood.

What was your favorite part in the book?

My favorite part was when Edward the vampire and Bella the girl were in the woods and Edward asked “Are you afraid of vampires? And Bella replied “NO” that shocked me because Bella doesn’t seem brave but is.

Did this book teach you any kind of lesson?

Yes, to never judge someone by the way they look because it counts on what’s in the inside and not out

Was the book or movie better why?

The book was better because Edward and Bella’s love went slower then in the movie which made it not seem real.

If you could be a vampire would you be the one that drinks animal or the one that drinks human blood?

If I were a vampire I would be the one that drinks human blood because it would taste better than animal blood because that’s what vampires crave.

If you were Bella from Twilight would you be afraid of vampires or not?

If it was a vampire that drinks human blood then yes, but if the vampire drank animal blood then no.

When you saw Edward come out to the first scene what went through your mind?

Inside I wanted to scream because I think he is so cute.

Were there differences between the book and the movie that you were upset about?

Yes, I was mad that in the movie Bella and Edward fell in love much quicker then in the book it went a lot slower so you knew how they meet.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and vampires.

Emily answered questions, who has read the books and has seen the movie.

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