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Donald E

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Why did you join the navy during the war?
I was drafted, choose service in the navy.

How many years did you serve?
Fourteen months.

What was your duty?
Keep decks clean. Served on two ships, first was Hospital ship then served on the destroyer U.S.S. John R. Pierce.

Where were you stationed?
Great Lakes Naval Training Center Illinois, then in San Francisco California.

What activity did you do when you were off duty?
Went to a lot of cowboy movies.

Where you ever wounded?

What was your reaction to Pearl Harbor?
It was a terrible mess.

What was your reaction to the Holocaust?
It was terribly horrifying.

What fears did you have?
None because the war was done by the time I was out of basic training.

What achievements did you have?
None because of the war being out by the time I was done with basic.

Did you ever have to fire a weapon?
No because of the war being done.

What ship did you serve on?
Hospital ship and the U.S.S. John R. Pierce.

What was your highest rank?
Seaman 2nd Class

What was your parent’s reaction when you left?
There wasn’t anything they could do because I was drafted.

What was their reaction when you returned?
Happy and relieved for me to be home and safe.

What were your thoughts on the atomic bomb?
The best thing that ever happened during the war.

Do you think Harry Truman made the right decision?

If you had the choice to do it all over again would you?
Besides being drafted, yes would have joined the navy again.

Were you proud of your service?
I didn’t do much but yes I was.

Who was your friend and do you have any stories about the time you shared?
I had friends but nothing exciting happened.

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