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Man of Many Thoughts

June 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Man of Many Thoughts

“M.V.P!” “M.V.P!” These three letters are chanted mercifully throughout the Northern Lehigh Basketball season, in reference to one of our own students, senior Jacob W. Though the Slatington native has been on the court since age 6 and has a burning passion for the game, many only know the star player side of Jacob. However, the eighteen-year-old possesses an entirely different side to him, one filled with strong feelings and opinions on everything from government to music.

The setting is outside of Mr. Drake’s room on the last floor of Northern Lehigh High School. I hear muffled and incessant chatter because “C” lunch is taking place. Jake sits cross-legged and somewhat slouched in an armed chair. Clad in black pants and a tan shirt, he greets me affably with a “Hey, how’s it going?” Those familiar with Jacob are cognizant he can be on the opinionated side, but not in a bad way.

To begin, Jacob told me his is a Democrat and is in favor of Barack Obama’s views on immigration and the war on Iraq. He stated with a grin, “It’s time for a change.” While on the topic of politics, I asked Waylen what he would change about our country’s government. He stated with a chuckle that he would like to become a dictator, but a peaceful one. He would deal with all of those who are nuisances to society but would create a serene environment for the people to live in. “Peace and love is real great,” he added, sending me a 60’s activist vibe about him.

When asked of his thoughts on religion, Jake stated it, “Causes war and divides people.” I mentioned Ireland and how the country is torn apart between the Catholics and Protestants and he agreed that it was a perfect example. Needless to say, Jacob is an atheist and seems proud to be one.

Jake made it known to me he is a fan of nature. “Xbox playing is not cool,” he proclaimed, in reference to the multitudes of teenagers who stay inside and play video games all day rather than spending time outside and appreciating our beautiful surroundings.

He also condemned another favorite hobby of teenagers, texting. He mentioned how he was at a sporting event and saw others texting the entire time. “You need to pay attention to what’s happening around you,” he retorted.

Furthermores, Waylen seems to be highly enthusiastic about traveling. “I want to see whatever I can see,” he stated. He mentioned the Tahj Mahal and the Egyptian pyramids. Jacob longs to see places other than the lovely Slatington that surrounds him.

I case you weren’t aware, Jacob possess a very humorous side. When I asked what he was passionate about, he replied with, “Legos, astronomy, cereal and bullfighting.” I don’t think he was a fan of that question. When I asked him to describe himself in three words, he replied with a chuckle and a short “No.” I found that to be entertaining. He is independent, headstrong, and genuine.

If you though Jacob Waylen was your typical jock, he really isn’t. He shatters the mold with his thoughts, beliefs, and multitudes of interests besides sports. I now know the other side to Mr. W., and he is far more than just a valuable player.

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