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Interview with an Insurance Agent

April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

When you were a kid what kind of occupation did you want to do when you got older?
I didn't have anything in mind when I was a kid.
What made you become an insurance agent?
I became an by sitting down and reviewing what I was doing at the time with my occupation, I needed change, a friend of mine was doing it and we discussed it I went and got a license and became an agent.
What is the best part about being an insurance agent?
I am my own boss, and I have very flexible hours, and in the begging it takes a lot of work.
Do you think you benefit more by being an independent agent?
Yes, I benefit much better, I see an easier schedule of growth then when I was with farmers.
If you weren’t an insurance agent what would you be?
If I had to choose another occupation, I would like to do something with racecar driving.
Do you think you would make a better salary that way?
I have no idea.
What job would you absolutely not do?
I would not go back to retail like when I got out of college, I was in management in crazy hours, and I considered myself a glorified stock boy.
If you could do absolutely any job at all what would it be?
I don’t know, I have thought about it. Um, I guess I was to do any job and I had the education I would probably like to follow in my fathers footsteps and be a dentist. That or a pilot.
What was it like having your dad be a dentist?
Um, I was proud of him being a dentist, like if you would mention him in town everyone knew who he was, he was the town dentist.
Did you dad ever let you help?
Yah, when I started high school, I would come to my dad’s office and clean, or bring the x-rays to the darkroom.
Is there any cons to being an insurance agent?
No, I can go at any time I want, take any time off I want, I have flexible hours.
What jobs have you had?
I got paid for taking care of the house, cutting the bushes, my first real job was helping my dad in the office, and when I got my license I would work at the local gas station, and I went to junior college and I would bring engines to different car shops with a truck, in college my first employment was with Osco drug. Then I started my own business, a detailing shop, then repair.

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