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Interview With Travis Freyberg

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

I interview my Uncle Travis Freyberg. The reason I interviewed him is, he plays pool and always has funny stories and I don’t get to see him that much.

Where were you born?
Brookings South Dakota

What was your favorite toy as a child?
Toy cars

What high school did you go to?
Brookings High School
Did you play any sports in school?
Football in my freshmen and sophomore year.

What was your first car?
It was a Ford Aspire

What was your dream car in high school?
A Camaro, I did get one my junior year and have three since then.
Did you go to college?

What for/why not?
I was going to work a year and than I decided not to go but I wish I did.
What did you do for fun?
I played pool and road on my Ninja

How did you get involved in pool?
My friend and I played when I was like 17 and when I turned 21 I went to the bar and played there.

Do you always play for money?
No, I play for fun but if I know the guy ill play for money but most of the time it’s just for fun.

Do you have your own pool table?
Yes I have my own pool table. I’ve had three.
How much do the tables cost?
The one have now cost $2,000 but you can buy them for $700 if you are just looking for one to play on.

About how much do you play a week?
I play about 10 hours or so. I go to the bar and play for about five hours and than play a little each day.

Do you play in a league?
Yes I play for Skinner. Our team is called the Sharks.

Where have you all gone because of pool?
I have been to Vegas a bunch and that’s about it other than around South Dakota and Minnesota. But if I’m visiting family or something we go to a bar and play pool. Usually people see me play and they want to play for money.

Do you have any interesting stories involving pool?
Yeah, there was this on time in a Bar called Chuck’s. I was passing through town and I stopped at a bar to get directions and I decided to play a little pool and this guy came up to me and ask if I want to play for money and I say yes. Well we played a few rounds and I had been winning and finally the guy got upset and pulled out a knife and some of the guys friends came over and started taking to him. At this time I grabbed my coat and ran out to the car and started to drive away. Than I looked in my review mirror and saw them throwing stuff at me. The funny part is that I had forgotten to grab the money I won and there was $50 of my own still there.

When did this happen?
About 10 years ago.

What is the funniest story that you have been involved in, relating to pool?
Well there was this on guy I play at Skinner’s a lot. I went there on a Saturday night and he had been drinking and saw me playing pool upstairs. So he came up with his friends and asked if I want to play a few games. And I said sure. Well we had be play and than he got the idea to play with money because he had won a few times. I said why not and we started to play. About an hour goes by and I was up $100 bucks and he says double or nothing. I start to laugh. And than he falls over and I said to him, if you cant sand up how can you bet me in a pool game. He took it to heart and stud up and fell right back down. So I decided to be a nice guy and give his money back to him and I went home. The next morning I saw him at Wal-Mart and he came up to me and said sorry I mad you look bad last night at the bar.

So do you think you will be playing pool for the rest of your life? I think I’ll most of it but I will always he some interesting stories to tell.

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