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Interview with Danyle F. in "The Wiz" play

August 4, 2009
By thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
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I saw your play “The Wiz” the other day, how was it to be the main character, Dorothy?

It was very "nerve-racking" at first because it is my first real lead role. I've had others but not like this one. But with rehearsal, eating right and excersize I was able to tackle it on and focus. It's a legendary role and I am so honored to have a chance to play it.

How did you keep up scene after scene with all the running around and dancing?I saw a lot of sweaty actor/actress.

Yea...we all get sweaty during the show. Like I stated before you have to eat right and excersize to prepare for a rigorous show like this. That’s exactly what we did to be able to keep up our stamina.

How was it to have different forms of dancing around you in the different scenes? Was it hard to keep track of which dance is when from the munskiness to the evil witch…etc?

Not at all. As long as I follow the "blocking" the director gave me I don’t focus too much on what the dancers are doing as far as any accidents are concerned.

4-What do you think your hardest scene is? Why?
Oh lord! My hardest scene??? Well, I won't say hardest anymore but I will say the one that I have to focus on the most is "Everybody Rejoice". That’s when I’m singing- soprano! lol, dancing, running, and hyping up the audience. It takes a lot to not fall out and die in that scene. lol

4-What do you think your favorite scene is? Why?
My favorite scene is also "Everybody Rejoice" because all that activity makes it so much fun.

5-I saw there were many times that you and the other actors/actress went out into the audience, was it more nerve-racking to do so, now that your eye to eye with the audience, and not eye to eye with just lights on your face?
A little. But I enjoy interacting with the audience. Seeing someone smile and laugh face to face as you entertain them is really wonderful. You get to break the "fourth wall" and just have a great time with them.

6-How was it to work with your director and chorographers of the making of “The Wiz”?
It was wonderful. The Harlem Repertory Theatre is really a family and they really helped me along the way

Did you have an inspiration that you look up to, in order to be an actress?
Oh yes! For this role?? Definitely the original, Stephanie Mills. She has a powerful voice and presence and I do look up to her. In general, I've always idolized Angela Bassett. That woman is so fierce!!! lol

Would you like to say anything else in this interview?
Yes! Thank you so much Char for deeming me worthy for this interview. lol. Hope to see you soon again at the show!!!

Thank You

The author's comments:
I knew Danyle for two years, and she's been in diffrent plays, but this is the first time I see her as the main character. She's not just a great actress, but she's a great person, and inspiration.

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