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A Great Heroic Mother

September 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Today, we as a society acknowledge people of the past and people of the present. As of now, I am looking at one of the most heroic persons to me. This person would be my mother. She is heroic to me in many ways. She has raised me through my childhood and she still cares for me now. If you asked a mother, they would tell you that it would most likely be hard to raise a child. My mom is a hero to me. She raised me from a child; she shows strong leadership, decision making, and respect for others.

My mother was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Her family wasn’t the richest family nor was she poor. She had four sisters and one brother. Working in a hair salon was her main job through all the years. Today, she still cuts people’s hair and makes money doing it. One day, she met my dad working at White Castle. They later got married and moved to Indiana for my dad’s job. I was born a few years later after that and my brother a few more years after me.

Helping people out, being respectful, caring for others, allowing other people to go first. These are all things that would describe my mom. These are all things that a loving person would do. My mom is a very loving person. She respects others and treats them with care. “That was nice to let that car turn in front of you!” said my friend one time. This example shows how she is a good defensive driver and cares about the road and other people on it. Another time is when she is able to help make a decision for a group. My friends and I were bored one day, so she stepped in and helped us with some good ideas.

Another reason why this person is my hero is because she has mad many right decisions. Everyone makes some mistakes, but my mom normally does not make any. She uses her common sense and narrows her decisions down to make it more reasonable. This can help more than just herself. If she is being a leader and is deciding on something, making the right choice is what her followers would think of her. “Oh nice pick!!” is what you might hear from someone if we are playing a board game. My mother is a great decision maker and that helps for a hero. Her best decision was probably helping me grow up the right way.

One major thing that this hero has done to me is help me grow up. My mom has raised me all the way to now and she did a great job of doing it. Raising me was probably a tough thing to do because it would take a lot of time, patience, and effort. Not every mother has all that on her hands. My mom took the time out of her life to raise me. I am proud to be her son. I know that my dad would help in many times to, but if it weren’t for my mom who mainly took care of me, I wouldn’t be who I am now. She has lead my family and I in the right direction.

A hero has many qualities that make them a hero. My mom has many, but one that stands out and is good for all heroes is leadership. My mom has been a leader to me for many years. She has led our family and friends to many good things. One thing she has done is led my brother and I to the right school. She researches about the school and will help us get into it. She also helps in other ways. She leads our house and tells us how to clean it up, even though we don’t always listen. Leadership is a very important skill and my mom has it just like Odysseus.

Odysseus can be compared to my mother in a few ways. First of all, both of these heroes have one trait that is in common. This trait is confidence. Without the confidence for Odysseus to travel home, he would have never made it. The same applies to my mom. My mother has been on a long journey too. Hers started when she was a young kid and will continue for a long time. Right now, I would say she is succeeding in her life and is doing a great job. Overall, these two heroes have a lot of similar things in common.

Now many people can become heroes. It just takes lots of time and patience. If you are a hero then you will have to find a goal and stick to it. A good idea is to look up to your favorite heroes and see how they have accomplished their goals. Odysseus accomplished his by following it and not giving up. My mom is the hero I look up to. She raised me from a child; she shows strong leadership, decision making, and respect for others. Each day she gives me confidence to follow my goals. This will help me to reach my life long goals. There is only one thing you have to do. Follow your hero, and stick with your goals to your dream.

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