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My Mom, My Hero

September 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Everyone in their lives has a hero. You know someone they look up to and ask questions for guidance on their lives. The person in my life who fits both of those categories is my mom, my hero. My mom is like a guiding wind. She one of the smartest people I know and the same goes with how religious she is. In her life she also had to come through some rough times. Finally my mom is a well rounded person.

My mom grew up in Texas in a little farm town outside of Houston. She was one out of nine children in her family. Two of her brothers past away when they were little. One at child birth and the other from pellet gun accident. Spanish was her very first language she spoke so she had to learn English from television and the people around her. When she was at school she was put in all of the advanced classes except for the language advanced class. They the people in her class read books and my mom picked up on the language more and was later put into the advanced English class. While growing up, most everything in her life was linked to the church somehow. Later she even became a lecture for masses. In school she participated in sports, band, and clubs ran by the school. Needless to say she was skilled and dedicated to everything she did.

When I think of a hero they always have to be smart or they are pretty much useless. My mom is smart. I am not saying that because she was put in advanced classes but for the decisions she made in her life. She was the first one in her family to ever get their bachelors degree. Also, she stayed away from harmful substances and alcohol. Plus she never gossiped because she knew it was a bad thing to do. “When I was in middle school a girl came up to and started saying ‘Did you here about this one girl and she kept going on and when she stopped I just changed the subject and the girl said I knew it was not going to work I told my friend you never talked about anyone.’”

Growing up everything in her life ran through the church somehow. “My family would always go to church to celebrate any occasion or if anything happened in the family.” When someone in her family would have a birthday party or someone getting married they would always go to church first before they had a party. Even now my mom gets to church for almost every little thing that we do and makes sure she thanks God for everything she has in her life.

Even with all the celebrations it seems people always have to go through some bad to get to the good. As a child my mother’s parents were a little absent in her life. Her father was very negligent to her and all of the rest of her family and her mother was always having to work to support her family. Later her parents went on to get a divorce and she grew up without a father figure in her life. Not only did she have to cope with that but with the loss of her two brothers one of which she had a close relationship with. “Every time I think about my little brother dying I can not help but cry. As the years pass it gets easier and easier to deal with. I think it is true when people say time heals all pain. You just have to go on with life and everything will get better.”

I think it is important for someone to be well rounded because it shows they have some diversity in them. My mom participated in sports, band, and clubs ran by the school. So you could stick her in any environment and she should be able to make a connection with anyone in those groups. To be well rounded is a great thing to be so you have better communication skills and you are more in touch with the world around you. My mom has all of what I have just stated.

My mom is like Odysseus in many ways. My mom gives praise to God as much as she can and in the book Odysseus seemed pretty much a full out sacrifice about every day. Also they are both smart they used their cunning to get through their lives and to be the best they can be. When it comes to hardships it is no doubt that my mom and Odysseus went through them. Odysseus might have had to deal with monster but my mom had to deal with mental and emotional hardships.

“God has a plan for everyone. Life is finding out what it is and doing it.” I feel this means you should do what you feel you are called to do in your life. To me it is clear that my mom is a hero. Hopefully this helped you out with some things in your life. If you think you are too good to say that you need help sometimes just think about the times you are having a hard time and the person who is always there for you. Could that be your hero?

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