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More Than A Hero

September 11, 2008
By Anonymous

In each and everyone’s life, there is a hero of some sort. It is someone who makes such a big impact on your life, and even changes you in some ways. Everyone looks up to their heroes and they try to live their lives after that person. Everyone’s heroes are different, but most of them share similar characteristics. In my life, my hero is Jesus Christ. He has done an unbelievable amount of things for me that have transformed me into a completely different person over the years.

Jesus Christ is my hero for a long list of reasons. First of all, he was brave and courageous. He is the son of God and lived his life for everyone else in the world. He went around teaching people about God and about the Christian/Catholic religion. Knowing the possible consequences of his actions, he still did it because he knew it was right. He went through complete and utter torture for everyone that had lived, was living, and also people that had yet to be born. He got beat with whips that were designed to rip flesh off the body every time he was hit and was also harassed and tortured for hours and hours, barely clinging onto life. In addition to the beatings, he was forced into carrying a wooden cross up a hill, in his weak state. Once at the top of the hill, he was hung up on the cross he had barely been able to carry. His wrists and ankles were nailed to the wooden beams in front of many witnesses, some of them being his family. He was hung up on the cross and left there to die.

He has had the most positive effect on my life and has changed me in countless ways. Although I have never gotten the chance to meet him, I can always feel him working through me in amazing ways. Jesus Christ died for our sins! In my mind, that is hard to even comprehend. He died for us so that we didn’t get the punishment for the bad things we do every single day. He was obviously awfully caring to die for people he didn’t even know. Jesus stated, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Although people showed absolutely no respect for Jesus, he wanted God to forgive them. He cared about them enough and although they were killing him, he still wanted them to be forgiven.

I do think that Jesus was exceedingly loyal. He was sent down to Earth to spread the word about God. He did that job better than expected without any distractions. He knew what he was sent down here to do, and knowing that he was going to die a horrible death, he still continued to do it. He stayed loyal to God during the whole process, even being tempted by Satan multiple times. “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other.” This verse shows that you can only have one master. No matter what, whichever one you ‘serve’ will fill up more of your thoughts, time, and efforts. Jesus was loyal to God and didn’t fall into Satan’s traps and scams. Jesus is similar to Odysseus. Odysseus was gone for around 20 years, and yet still stayed loyal to his wife. He had tons of tempting chances to cheat on Penelope, but he always resisted. In the end, it was all worth it because Penelope had stayed loyal to him as well. Similar to Odysseus, Jesus didn’t fall into the temptations. He stayed true to himself and God, which is very impressive, seeing everything he was put through.

Jesus also had an enormous amount of strength. He went through an incredible amount of torment, yet still stayed strong emotionally and physically. His ‘punishment’ wasn’t even fair. He stayed strong through the whole entire thing. He knew before it even happened that he was going to die an unfair and cruel death. He pushed away his fears and focused on what he was there to do. He knew that during his torture, God would be with him. That is all that mattered to him and it really showed his strengths. “Fear not; for I am with you.” Jesus knew this through all of his sufferings, and frankly, he never backed away.

Jesus Christ went through more I can even imagine. I cannot even understand in my head how much pain he went through and for how long he had to suffer. The more I think about it, the more unfair I think it is. Sometimes I just do not understand why someone that loving and caring would have to do anything like that. The more I think about it, the more it angers me that he would have to do anything along the lines of being tortured. But also, after reflecting on it, I know that it all happened for a reason. I know that God put Jesus through that so that all of our sins could be forgiven. Every day I thank Jesus for what he has done for me, and what he continues to do for me every day. Although he is not right by my side, I know he is here with me experiencing my life first hand. He is more than a hero to me; he has done so much for me. Some days I wish I could do more for him since he has done way too much for me. Jesus has taught me so many lessons and has added more meaning to my life. He has made me a completely new person and for that, he is my hero.

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