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The One I Look Up To

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

WOOSH, BAM, BOOM! Those are sounds that super heroes like Batman, Spiderman, or Superman. Well I have a hero, but he does not make those sounds. My hero has been in my life for fourteen years. His name is Mark Schaefer, and he is my dad. He is a hard worker, caring, and smart.

My dad is an extremely hard worker. When he was a child his first job was a florist. As a child he would have liked to be an accountant. He works a lot. He is an assistant partner and Mo’s Irish pub. I have heard from several people that he has worked with that they love my dad and he is a great business man. This man works about everyday to make money so he can support his family; therefore, I never get to see him. He gives up his time to work long hours because he cares about us.

Being caring is one of the qualities of my hero. Family means the world to him. Since he is the man of the house, he likes to take control, and he pays the bills, fixes the house, and buys gifts for the family when he goes on trips or for a special occasion. Even though he works a lot he still finds time to spend with the family. Sometimes my dad will even play video games in his free time. My mom and dad will go out to eat or go to the movies. Him and I will just throw a football or just watch television together. If I need help in anything I know my dad is always there. When I need help he will listen and try as best as he can to help. My dad is caring and at the same time can be smart about it. He knows just what to say at certain times.

My dad is very smart. When he was in school he got average grades. They were not top of his class grades, but they were ok. He enjoyed school a lot. When he was a teenager he wanted to go to college, but his parents would not pay the money. Now, my dad always tells me, “Make wise choices.” He just wants to make sure that I go to college and I can have things he could not have. I want to know everything that he knows.

So as I’ve said before my dad is my hero for everything he is. He is smart, caring, and a hard worker. Family means the world to him. I think that family is what gets my dad through his days. Everything that my dad does he works his best on it. Every job is done right the first time. Even when he doesn’t know how to do something he figures it out which makes him so smart. Through everything he does, deep down inside, he is a boy himself.

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