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Life is A Miracle

August 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Room C178, room C178, I repeated in my mind. It was the first day of tenth grade, and I was searching for my biology class.

Finally, I found my class near the end of the hall. I slid into a seat close to the whiteboard. Silently, I sighed, already thinking that biology was going to be just another dreaded class of my day.

My prediction was wrong. As this year continues, I love biology class more and more each day. The subject is confusing at first, but Mrs. Link brings it to life for me and everyone else to understand.

Besides being an amazing teacher, Mrs. Link is a mother and a friend. She is easy to speak to and fun to joke with. Her personality makes her unique, and she stands out from my other teachers like the first blossom of spring. Her laughter is like opening a long-awaited gift, treasured and unforgettable. She is as patient as a sunrise, and to this day, I have never seen her truly lose her temper with her class.

In truth, honors biology is a challenging class. There is an immense amount of information to be covered in a short period of time. Since I do not learn quickly, I rely on extra help from my teachers. Just about every afternoon, I seek help from Mrs. Link if she is available. Never has a teacher been so enduring with helping me understand the subject. She is patient with answering my questions and clearing all doubts that lurk my mind. Even though I have to work ten times as hard compared to most people in my biology class, it is worth the effort because I continuously earn the highest grade. Receiving the highest grade is my way of acknowledging Mrs. Link how much I owe her for her guidance.

Mrs. Link has opened my eyes to the beauty of biology. Now, I enjoy opening up my textbook and moving ahead on homework. Biology proves that it is amazing how life exists at all. Isn’t it phenomenal that every living organism is composed from the interaction non-living atoms? Isn’t it wonderful to see that no two people are exactly the same? The list of the miracles of life continues infinitely. Now, I realize that web of life is incredibly intricate: Every living thing is dependent on one another; one mistake can unravel the entire network, proving that in this world, teamwork, even between human beings, is a necessity.

Because of Mrs. Link’s teachings, I have come to realize that life should never be taken for granted. Life is astonishingly remarkable and delicate, and each day is a gift to be appreciated. “Live each day to the fullest” is cliché, but Mrs. Link has defined the true meaning of statement. Understanding the phenomenon of life, I truly attempt to live each day to the fullest.

Although Mrs. Link is my teacher, she is also my mother, friend, and hero. She has taught me how to succeed in class and shown me why life should be appreciated. Under her care, my outlook on life has grown and blossomed. From Mrs. Link, I have learned the most valuable lesson of all: life is a miracle.

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