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By Anonymous

   Myhero is a man who drives a truck 15 hours a day. I look up to him. He is myfather. He often comes home exhausted and frustrated, but he makes a good livingand supports me well. He lifts 100-pound boxes all day, his back aches and hisneck and head are always sore, but I admire that he toughs it out every day anddoesn't give up.

He and my mom split up so I only get to see him everyother weekend. Those days are important to me and when I go to visit him I havebutterflies in my stomach. We watch football and go to the park; we do everythingyou can think to do in a weekend.

When it is time to go home, I don'twant to because I love him so much, but I am happy to see my mom. I wonder whatit would be like to see my mom only every other weekend. I couldn't do that, Idon't even know how I do it with my dad. It's difficult to see him working sohard and being so frustrated.

Sometimes I wake up extra early tocall him before he leaves for work and tell him to have a nice day. I think thathelps him get through the day a lot easier. He has taught me that you have tohonor your responsibility even if it is hard work. He is an everyday hero. Hedoesn't give up and he has taught me not to either. Thanks, Dad!

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i love this so much!