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My Hero

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

The person who would be my hero would be my dance teacher Heather. She is my hero because I have been through a lot these past couple years and she always knows what to do when I am feeling sad or down about the things in my life. We always have a fun time together and always have jokes to say to one another. She has also taught me the importance or responsibility, respect, and attitude. Heather has always been there for me, I have only known her a couple of years, she is like the older sister I never had. She is also my here because she has expanded my thinking when it comes to dancem thats what I like about her and she never has anything negative to say about anything. We may have our disagreements on things but we always know that we can have a good time. Thats why Heather Finley is my hero.
Lexi Stone

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