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The Keeper of the 10

May 5, 2008
By Anonymous

I know someone that fears something a lot
They fear this person so much they follow all their given laws
Mike fears no one else
Just this supernatural
Mike walks proud and humbly expect around this man
He strays not like a lonely lamb, but walks as a good man

As a child he honored his father and mother and did not steal
Mike kept his covenant and had no other God
As a teen he despised all rock and pop idols
Only admiring them distantly
Showing you he wasn’t perfect
He did not bow, or worship them as others did
For the person he feared was jealous
Mike kept swearing from his tongue, and taking the person he feared name’s in vain

As a working man Mike has kept Sunday the Sabbath a holy day, doing a minimum amount of work
Mike who hasn’t had to kill a man for his wages for it’s against whom he fears laws
As he works Mike keeps his promise to his wife, and also the man who he fears and doesn’t commit adultery, which keeps his family together

Mike lives a happy life, and respects his neighbor, and nor does he lie on them
He wishes not to be or have anything that his neighbor has that goes against his father’s wishes
A faithful Christian and devoted servant
Mike lives to please the Lord, and he keeps the GOLDEN RULE

And as h e would that
Men should do to you,
Do ye also to them like wise
Luke 6:31

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