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Imagine Yourself Taking a Walk...

May 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine yourself taking a walk to the nearby store, on your left you see some kids walking by and throwing their trash on the ground and behind the kids is some random person who comes and picks up the trash. You continue walking and start thinking about that person. It makes you think that there are more people who just stops what they’re doing just to help or clean something up. Usually when you see something like that happen, you end up doing the same thing and you cause other people to follow your example. For example, if you watch T.V. you can see that commercial advertising Liberty Mutual. One woman stops this pizza delivery guy from getting hit by a car and a person driving by sees that happening and helps another person. Same thing happens again and again. Slowly the disease of kindness spreads like a drop of food coloring in a cup of water.

People like that really amaze me. It’s weird how one random act of kindness makes everyone feel weird. Every once in a while, the people who you would least expect, would do something nice. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but I find it interesting. Nowadays, life is filled with people pretending to be homeless just to get money, scammers and fakes. Many people know this, but they still help those anyways. The people who volunteer to help with organizations like the Red Cross are very inspiring. Just think, there are people spend their valuable times to do things to help others rather than going out to the movies.

Over the past many years, I’ve read or heard a couple suicide stories where someone would have killed themselves, but didn’t. That person would say that a random person would befriend them and make them change their mind about suicide. One story from my scout master was about this kid who was considered a dork by everyone. He was walking home with a big stack of books. He couldn’t see where he was going. Just across the street, there were these guys who wanted to mess around and just make him trip. They did but luckily for the little dorky guy, another random stranger, who was walking nearby comes over and yells at the group of guys who tripped the dorky guy. After that day, those two people became the best of friends and years later, the boy who was picked on was selected to be the valedictorian. In his speech he talks all about that day when he was walking home with all those books. He said the reason why he had those books was because he wanted to save his mom the trouble of going to school and picking up his books after he committed suicide. Everyone, including his best friend was speechless from hearing this. From that story and plenty of other stories, I’ve learned that a random act of kindness goes a long way.

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