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When Asked What My Idea of a Hero Is...

April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

When asked what my idea of a hero is the first things that come to my mind would be someone with courage, determination, someone not afraid to make sacrifices for the common good, but can also make your day. I think of my parents. Though happily divorced they always come to terms when it comes to their children and what's best for us.

My Mother has always played a vital role in making sure her children had the closest relationship possible, and took brotherly, sisterly love to new heights, by always making us profess our unconditional love for each other. The open relationship between us allows her to be and even greater parent and just signifies even more her vital role in my life. Even though we joke entirely too much, and laugh entirely too much, she has my absolute respect, that's because I have her up most respect, and she respects, all my views, beliefs and except me, flaws in all. Even though all parents do this, my mother takes it to a completely different level, that isn't even explainable.

My Father is a completely different person from my mother, yet he is just as much of a hero. He’s always believed in leading by example, and does it very well. I've always looked up to both of my parents, but especially my father, because he always expects respect, and doesn't except anything but the best from his four children. He’s so intense about everything he does, and puts everything he's got into any activity he's apart of.

Both of my parents have had a profound effect on every aspect of my life. My morals my religion, my perseverance, and my features are all due to them. I try and thank them every chance I get, even though I don't do it enough. We as children obviously don't have a clear understanding of all that parents do for us, and the sacrifices they make on a daily basis to ensure our happiness. This is my way of saying thank you, what's yours. My parents are definitely my Superman and Wonder Woman, who are always there for me, I thank them, love them and am eternally indebted to them.

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