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One of My Many Heroes is Lisa

January 12, 2008
By Anonymous

One of my many heros is Mrs. Mote, my english teacher at Sam Houston Middle School. In the summer before my 8th grade year, my older brother told me how much I would love the english teacher. So I was very excited about my 8th grade year. When I recived my schedule, there was a different English teacher's name. I went home in a panic and showed my brother, and he said that they must have put me in the wrong class. Turns out the teacher I had heard so much about, had retired. The first day of school I remember walking into Mrs. Mote's class, scared to talk, because I had seen how much she had yelled in the past years. She let on as if she was a mean teacher who didn't care, and for the first six weeks, I believed every word. A few weeks after the first six weeks, my grandfather passed away. Although Mrs. Mote acted her same ways, some how I knew she cared about the pain I was feeling. I would like to grow up to be like Mrs. Mote because she has said herself "I am the kind of person who does kind things for others, without them knowing it was me". If I could be that way I believe I would be a better person. She is a very confindent and strong teacher. She has high expectations and won't let her students down. Mrs. Mote deserves to be thanked for everything she has done and for all the kids she has inspired this year, including me.

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