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My mom

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

My story is about my mom. I admire mom for being strong during life battles. My mom got pregnant four years ago and a year ago. During her first pregnancy she was happy, but at the same time sad because she felt too old. My dad had lost his job, so my mom had to really focus on how to make things work.
I really admire her because she worked throughout her both pregnancies. She would complain sometimes and I would massage her feet at night. She would pat her stomach and say I know that you are going to be worth it at the end. She would tell me sometimes, “Can you please help me clean around the house?” I would try to help her as much as I could and wash her clothes. My mom would get worried sometimes because we didn’t have money to pay for the bills. She would tell me sometimes, “oh honey sometimes I think that we are never going to get out of this, but I know deep in my heart that God is with me and he would never abandon us.”
She cleans houses for a living. She has been cleaning houses for the past twenty five years. She would smell like Lysol cleaner whenever she got home. The biggest house that she has is on Tuesdays. It’s a two story house with a game room and a lot of toys. Whenever she would come home she would look tired and stressed out. Sometimes she took my aunt. She really didn’t like to take my Aunt because she didn’t do a good job. She went through a lot of sacrifices just to keep my family together. She would come home and cook. She had to keep my dads faith up and sometimes even mine.
She went to the hospital during both of her pregnancies about three or four occasions. She would get stressed out sometimes and bleed. One time that she went to the hospital the doctor told her, “If you don’t feel that the baby is moving anymore that is because the baby is dead.” My mom was devastated and started crying. My older sister and I would tell her not to listen to the dumb doctors. To remember what she always said God is with her no matter what.
Both her pregnancies the doctor had to provoke the birth. That looks and I bet feels very painful. I can’t believe that my mom went trough all that pain without any medicine. That is how I know she is a very strong woman. She was scared, frightened, terrified, and petrified, but we started praying and thank God everything went well. At the end my mom felt that it was all worth it. Some family members would discourage her but she always kept focused on what the results would be. She knew that at the end that everything would resolve in both pregnancies.

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