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Steve Irwin

November 6, 2007
By Anonymous

“Whatever you want to do in this world, it is achievable. The most important thing that I've found, that perhaps you could use, is be passionate and enthusiastic in the direction that you choose in life, and you'll be a winner.”

- Steve R. Irwin

He was known as the crazy man who confidently jumped on alligators backs, wrestled with dragons, and danced with venomous snakes. He was known as a lunatic who risked his life every day to perform dangerous stunts. He brought adventure to the most boring households across the world. Yet, there was more to him than met the eye. Not only did he spread conservation awareness around the world, but his enthusiasm was contagious. His passion radiated from him and people could not help but notice. During the 44 awe-inspiring years of his life, Steve Robert Irwin was able to change the world for the better.

He was a walking oxymoron. He was nicknamed the crocodile hunter; yet he would never hurt a crocodile, let alone hunt one. He wrestled with the most dangerous animals in the world; yet his most nerve racking moment was his wedding. Of all the animals he dealt with, from the venomous brown snake to the ferocious saltwater crocodile, Steve got most nervous around parrots! He once said “parrots have this uncanny desire to kill me. I'm not sure why, but they're like my kryptonite!” But one thing is certain - Steve Irwin was a man whose goal in life was to spread his passion for animals.

Steve Irwin’s approach to conservation was quite different from others. Irwin believed that “seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message” . Through the use of television, he was able to reach out to people of all ages and spread his message of conservation and love for animals. His one-on-one interactions with the animals were breath-taking and suspenseful. Even though we called him a lunatic for the things he did, his show was watched by more than 200 million people and treasured in the hearts of all.

Steve Irwin dedicated his life to the conservation of wildlife. He worked to dispel the belief that alligators and crocodiles are vicious man-eaters. He founded a charity known as the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide with the main objective being to educate the public, protect the environment, and to raise awareness of wildlife issues. Steve also purchased over 60,000 acres of land to breed endangered wildlife. He made Australia Zoo a world renowned facility and popular tourist attraction. Steve gave the animals there his utmost attention and ensured they were as comfortable as possible. He was able to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with one-on-one encounters with these animals that were so dear to his heart. He also ran a rescue program which helped local animals in need.
Steve Irwin was a man of passion and motivation. He dedicated his life to saving wildlife everywhere and was able to spread his message to millions of people. On September 4th, 2006, while filming a documentary about the “Oceans Deadliest”, Steve Robert Irwin was killed by a stingray barb. His death was mourned by people across the world.
Steve Irwin’s passion for wildlife will never be forgotten. His dedication to conservation will always be an inspiration. His contagious enthusiasm and exuberance will be missed. Even though Steve Irwin left the planet more than a year ago, his legacy still lives on.

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