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My Heroes?--My Parents.

October 4, 2007
By Anonymous

Heroes can have a large positive impact on your life. My heroes are my mom and my dad. They are heroes to me every day and I have always looked up to them. I have always wanted to be just like my parents. My heroes came into my life when I was born, obviously. My heroes have made me what I am today and who knows where or who I’d be without them. My heroes save my life every day, show me how to act through example, and my heroes have prepared me for the future.

My heroes save my life everyday. My heroes teach me values to stay safe. Even though I sometimes hate the advice my parents give me, it always comes in handy when I need help making a decision that is hard. I have learned things from my parents that will keep me safe throughout my life. My heroes have taken tough measures to keep me safe. My parents have enrolled me into Catholic college preparatory school so that I will be in a good environment every day. This is a tough measure for my parents because my school is very expensive and we have to travel 35 miles everyday just to get to school (not including the ride back). My heroes definitely save my life every day.

My heroes teach me how to be a good person through example. My parents want me to be the best I can be and they set that up for me by being a great example for me. My parents never fight and they treat everybody, even those they don’t know, with respect and dignity. My heroes have been examples for me since I was a little kid. My parents taught me how to respect others by being kind to others, and when your around a constant good environment, you tend to pick up these good habits. My heroes are still examples to me today.

My heroes have prepared me for my future. My parents want me to succeed in life so they have prepared me for the real life, my future. My heroes have given me a good environment to live in and an awesome school to go to just so I can have a successful future. My heroes have taught me all the things I need to know for the future, my future. My parents have taught me to do my best in every thing I endure and to always be the best I can be.

My parents are truly the best heroes anyone can have. I have always wanted to be just like them and I will continue to want to be like them. My heroes save my life everyday. My heroes teach through example so I can be a good person and my heroes prepare me for the future. Thank you Mom and Dad.
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