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Wooh! Mrs.C

January 30, 2009
By janet mejia BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
janet mejia BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Have you ever had an awesome art teacher that loved to have fun but taught you what you had to learn? But helped you when ever you need it Mrs. Chojnacky. And if any one should be nominated for the best educator.

Mrs. Chojnacky has big puffy hair with small little curls. She also wears purple glasses she loves purple she wears something purple every day.
Another reason I think Mrs. Chojnacky should be chosen is because. She always try's the best to know every thing we need to know in the best way possible. And she also lets us do hands on things we barley did any work sheets.

And one more time please nominate Mrs. Chojnacky for educator of the year more than any one she divers it even though she has her flaws but doesn't every one and sometimes she uses big words she Is so far the best teacher I ever hand and I am 100% sure.

The reason for this essay is to nominate Mrs. Chojnacky for the best educator.

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