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Miss Bower

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Whenever I come into school with a bad outlook on the day, which because it’s morning, is almost every day, all I have to do I walk into room 160 at North Campus. Miss Trina Bower is always there to greet me with an enthusiastic, “HI!” and a big smile. On Mondays, she gushes about how fantastic her favorite player, Brett Favre, did in his football game.
On the day I first met her at church, when I was a mere nine years old, I never thought she would be the best math teacher I have ever had.

Miss Bower is a fine teacher because of the way she teaches. For example, she gives us a chance to expand our learning with projects, like that project we had to do on student loans, and interest.

I can talk to her about anything and everything, and I know I can come to her for advice. She is always willing to help me during my study halls with math and other things that are important to me, like my honors credit in functions.

Coming into my senor year at Arrowhead, I was not sure what I wanted to study in college. Miss Bower has inspired me (through her teaching and mentoring) to pursue my goal of being a teacher. And now, even more specifically, I want to be an algebra teacher. I owe that all to her. I am grateful to have a teacher I still have such a solid relationship with, a year after I was a student in her class.

Miss Trina Bower is one of the most creative, supportive, unique, and inspirational teachers. She is the “Brett Favre” of teachers. She is the playmaker, the one people listen to, and who they go to when they have a problem. She is the teacher I hope to be like someday.
I think your search is over. Miss Trina Bower is my pick for the Teacher of the Year!

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