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Mr. Albers- Educator of the Year

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Environmental Biology. Let’s just face it, saying it makes me bored. I thought Environmental Biology was the most boring class at Arrowhead High School. When I walked into the classroom, I went in with a terrible attitude. I didn’t want to do my work or even listen to the topics. Little did I know, I had one of the most funny and creative teachers.

Mr. Albers focuses on making sure the content he is teaching can be turned into a fun activity the students can get their hands on. He told my class he focuses on making sure his voice has some variation in it. We all know what it is like to listen to someone who has a monotone voice and what it is like listening to someone who has little interest in the topic they are teaching. Well, that is the opposite of Mr. Albers. He makes every lecture interesting and we become engaged and focused on watching him talk about the environment and what he notices in it. I have little interest in nature and our environment, but now that I have taken Mr. Albers Environmental Biology class, I take notice the things around me and I have started to even appreciate wildlife.

Overall, Mr. Albers has a way of influencing me to want to reach further and come up with an even more thorough explanation or answer to the questions I have.

He deserves recognition for the job he has done, even with how hard of a subject he has to teach. He is a positive teacher and well-aware of techniques that work with teenagers. He does a job well-done, making sure he has variety of lessons for all sorts of learners, from visual learners to auditory learners.

He works hard at what he does and I wish every kid my age got the chance to experience a semester of class with him.

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