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Mr. Freeburg

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

As I was entering my senior year of high school, I was dreading going into English 12. I never heard any rumor’s if it was hard or easy; however, freshman year I’ve always done bad in English, so I thought this would be another year to not do so well.
I always heard Mr. Andrew Freeburg was the funniest teacher at North campus, so I figured this would be a pretty sweet class and I wouldn’t have to worry about failing. The first day I walked into the class, he was smiling with a big grin on his face, looking at each kid that walked into the room. Mr. Freeburg can just look at a kid and can tell if they’re going to like them without even talking to them personally.
His teaching skills aren’t like any other teacher at Arrowhead. He teaches his class with a sense of humor that makes the kids want to pay attention. He jokes around with the kids in class, but also gets serious when the times right. He’s the teacher who doesn’t put any kid to sleep because the stuff he says is so interesting that you wouldn’t want to try to fall asleep. you
He makes you think about things and gives you rhetorical questions about everything to keep you thinking. His ways of teachings are too hard to explain, but they make me pay attention in class. He’s not so uptight like a lot of other teachers, and this makes you not feel so uptight. I would vote him teacher of the decade if I could and anyone that has ever had him would say the exact same thing.
Mr. Andrew Freeburg deserves educator of the year, and I know everyone who’s ever had him would say he’s the best teacher Arrowhead’s ever had. He’s hilarious to have as a teacher. He always makes jokes while he’s trying to teach which makes his class fun to take.
He gets serious about teaching also and makes you pay attention. He doesn’t let you get to off topic, so you will still know what he was talking about before. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone fall asleep in his class, and it’s a easy class to pass if you just listen to what he tells you and what he tells you to do. He explains everything so well that all the assignments he hands out you will never have any questions for.
All the work he hands out or the projects he gives you are never hard either. He will either explain them to you or give you a handout that explains in depth what the assignment is and give you examples to help you out just in case you don’t understand or just to show you what he really wants you to do. Overall, I find it easy as well as many others to pass his class because of the way he teaches, and expresses information to the students.

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