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Mr. Kenas

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

When you think of “teacher of the year,” art teachers aren’t always the first people who come to mind. But Mr. Kenas isn’t some ordinary art teacher. Mr. Kenas showed me how to think of art less like a chore, and more like an expression of myself. He expressed his own passion for the subject through his demonstrations showed that he really cared. He wasn’t just some person stuck in the position; he wanted to be there. He wanted to help.

His attitude towards his teachings showed not only superior knowledge, but superior teaching ability. He took everyday objects and talked about how the form and shape came to be, putting a picture in my mind of how everything we touch has a previous art history, turning an ordinary cup into an ancient African artifact. During his lunch periods he took his time off to come in and give extra help to his students, which isn’t something you get paid extra for. He did it because he loves the subject and because he loves teaching it more; a quality known only to the greatest of teachers.

Mr. Kenas is a master of his trade. He is the only teacher I’ve had who is so interested in what he teaches, that he takes what he knows and keeps expanding it, just to teach us more. I am nominating Mr. Kurt Kenas for Educator of the Year. He has an outstanding range of knowledge and pure passion for the subjects he teaches, which he passes on to every student he has.

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