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Mr. Desotell

April 11, 2008
By Anonymous

I feel that Mr. Desotell is a great teacher because he is not just a good teacher but a great person. He takes a lot of pride in seeing his students succeed. I had Mr. Desotell my first and second semester of my senior year in AP US History. I was looking to get into UW Whitewater but Whitewater put me on a pending list to see how I would do my senior year, so my grades were very important. Mr. Desotell gave me a lot of motivation to try hard and do all of my work not only in his class but all of my other classes. He made sure that I kept up in school and gave me a hard time when I did not complete an assignment. At the end of my first semester I sent in my grades as well as some letters of recommendation, one was written by Mr. Desotell. I got into Whitewater and I feel Mr. Desotell played a big role in that. That is why I feel that Mr. Desotell is worthy of this award.

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