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Israel, Where I want to Be

December 11, 2008
By thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
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A trip to Israel is a trip to FREEDOM! For so long I had learned about this special place of Israel. The place where I get to see my true home; where my people live; and even more so, where my religion comes from. Sure, I can see this in New York, but Israel is my one and only true home. Israel is where I should be.

To be honest, before my program NCSY, due to my non-experienced background, I had never thought of Israel as such a big deal. However, when I reached my first Shabbaton in December of 2007, I was blown away. So many young Jewish people gathered in the same place? It’s not even a Chanukah party! People singing in Hebrew with many closing their eyes, as tears were flowing down their faces. I always thought, “Why do they shed their tears? It’s just songs!” But I found out they are deeper then songs, they are sayings to Hashem, our Hashem. I got a better understanding by a girl named Perchia Vered. She said she cried during these songs and prayers because with NCSY she felt the closest to Hashem.

Although I’ve learned so much just from hearing the thoughts of others, such as Perchia, or from books that I read on my own, or with advisors, the truth is, it’s not the same as actually being in Israel. I can learn how our people started out with being slaves, and then compared to where we stand today and why. Also, I think that if I went to Israel, it might help me progress more into Judaism genes. All those pictures that are on almost everyone’s screensavers of the giant wall can finally come to real life for me.
Throughout the years, I’ve learned so much, especially by working with the amazing advisors in which I learned prayers over the smallest things, such as a piece of gum. I was amazed over such little things that one could say a blessing for, as an amazing advisor, an amazing friend; Leah Weinghburg has been so inspiring to help me with. Being that Leah was my first inspiration just because on my first Shabbaton of December 2007, right before we left the bowling ally, she said the blessing with me over a little piece of gum, and I found out on the Manchester about the bathroom prayer because of her, which I say more then once a day daily, and I am glad to admit it! She helped me so much, and I want to help others just like she helps me. Just like a child starts to talk, I go back to Leah teaching me the prayer over that small piece of gum. I think I would be able to finally see the beauty of what everyone is always talking about, and I would be greatly inspired to help others even more.

In addition, I have never been to Israel before. I recently found out that I also have a lot of family and cousins there. I have friends who are Israeli scouts form my old camp that closed down, and I would love to be able to see them after years to show them how much I’ve grown within the past years; especially to show them that I now can read Hebrew, even though I am not to good yet.

I know others like myself, haven’t been to Israel either, and I hope they win this trip as well. But you don’t hear as many, “I have never been to Israel before,” as much as, “OH ….MY…GOSH! ISREAL IS THE BOMB,” Said by Adam L. “THE SEA MADE MY SKIN DRY OUT LIKE CRAZY, make sure to bring loads of lotion,” said by my cousin. Hashem wants his people to see their homeland, and that’s why someway and somehow everyone’s getting a chance at their own time.

I said I never thought of Israel as such a big place; well I had second thoughts in 2008. NCSY with advisors and friends, and Rabbi’s and of course their wife’s and how much their small children know, helped fill that empty space that I been missing all my life. For example being here today Shomer Shabbat as best I can. I really want to go to Isreal, and I’ve been working extra hard in order to do so. But nevertheless, I want you to all know that even if I don’t go on a trip to Isreal right now, I will always know that I will have a loving family in my program NCSY.

The author's comments:
I started going on Shabbatons, which are trips that the whole program from diffrent places goes on toagether, and we celebrate the Sabeth, which in Hebrew is Shabbat. I started in December 2007 going on these trips, and ever since then i have gotten more religous, and learned much more about our home land Isreal.
Shalom Everyone! Hope you enjoy my article.

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I really like this article. I love Israel... I consider myself Israeli. I am so happy you had such a positive, open-minded perspective on Israel.