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February 5, 2009
By CalebG91 BRONZE, Sherburne, New York
CalebG91 BRONZE, Sherburne, New York
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Spending as much time alone as I have you seem think alot. I tend to crawl up in my head and think. Think about things to come and where am I going. What do I have coming for me, but it is not all about the future. The past plays a huge part in who I have become, as it does in everyone. I look around at older people, adults, and I am disgusted. They are all miserable, it makes me sick. Is this really what I have going for me. Everyone wants to be different but in reality they are all the same. We follow guidelines that no one takes the time to question, we just kinda go with the flow. We see what everyone around us is doing and we jump on the train. Sad right? I think so. Its hard to understand how everyone is so predictable until you take this in to mind.

The author's comments:
I was grounded and I was thinking quiet a bit about school.

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