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By Anonymous

   Winningis showing more talent and perseverance than the other players or team. Winningis having a love for the game and playing with sportsmanship. Winning is playingcompetitively and being focused. Winning is overcoming obstacles and playing thewhole game as hard as you can. Winning is having faith in yourself and your team.Winning is not quitting. Winning is having fun while you succeed. Winning isshowing your skills and playing your heart out. Winning is getting better at thethings you need to work on and never, never giving up. Winning is shaking handswith your opponent at the end of the game, and maybe making a new friend. Winningis doing things people think are impossible. Winning is not getting mad. Winningis showing respect for all participants, even when you have lost. Sometimes youlearn more from losing than winning. If you learn from these lessons, chances areyou will become a winner.

I learned all about winning from my dad. Heplayed sports all his life. He played because he loved sports and lovedcompetition. I learned more about winning from Dad not on the playing field butin his life. My dad was a competitor until the day he died. His biggest game wasagainst cancer. My dad fought hard, through many sick days, radiation andchemotherapy. He never stopped competing. He was a good sport, he persevered andplayed the whole game as hard as he could. He never quit. As sick as my dad was,he still found time to take me to the ballpark to see my heroes play baseball. Hehad fun even though he was losing.

My dad did things that people thoughtimpossible those last few weeks of his life. He never got mad. He always showedrespect to those who helped and loved him. My dad lost his battle, but he playeduntil his heart gave out. He was a true winner, especially to me.

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i love this so much!