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July 28, 2008
By IRBFGW DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
IRBFGW DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Carmen and me go way back. I have a picture of us when i was four playing with puppets. I don't remember a lot of things but i remember how we met. I'm sure you excpect me to write some sappy story about how we were best freinds at first sight or something like that. Accually, we hated each other! You see i was best freinds with her cousins and neither of us wanted to share them. Our first 3 years were filled with fighting jealousy, and hitting. ( The hitting went on intill fourth grade accually but it was out of love insted of hate) Finally one day Carmen said " Hey this is stupid let's be freinds" And THEN we were inseprable. I remember we used to send tons of letters to each other through the second grade "mailbox". She was always making me laugh, she was hysterical and still is! When i started my eating disorder in 5th grade she was always there to make me happy. While evreyone one else was blaming me for the disease, Carmen saw past my new freind "Anerxicia". When i went to the hospital,she visted me and it was just like old times. She didn't even seem to care that she was on a physc floor. When i went to the hospital for suicide again in 6th grade she talked to me evreynight. All three suicide attempts! When i went away to a three month treatment center 11 hours away she wrote me AT LEAST once a week. All my other freinds wrote me at the most once, but i could always excpect a funny card in my hand and an even funnier letter in my hand once a week. I called Carmen when i was aloud too. When i came home typical Carmen made me chase her and then i tackled her in a hug. I feel bad now because i never considered how she felt about all this. Carmen didn't really like to share her emotions. The only time i can recall her crying is once in fith grade. And i have known her for 9 years! I can always count on her and i always will me able too. She is the best freind i could ever have and i know you don't like compliments but you need to hear this. Carmen you are amazing. I love you and i will always love you. You are like my sister. Remember that. Oh and you don't always have to be the funny girl. You can be sad sometimes. Your here for me AND I'M HERE FOR YOU!

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on May. 25 2009 at 12:11 am
Undiscovered PLATINUM, Trophy Club, Texas
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hey it's me again- that was so sweet! it's showing everyone that that is how we all should be with our besties (and others)

on Apr. 9 2009 at 9:35 pm
RainWashed PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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This was really good and this really did happen to you? Carmen sounds like a really great friend to stick with you through all that. This was really a moving piece for me, thanks for making my day. Great Job!!!!!!

sloopymccoy said...
on Feb. 24 2009 at 1:28 am
sloopymccoy, Waterloo, Wisconsin
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very nice. wish i had a friend like that