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The Power Of Yes

March 2, 2012
By Oreozz SILVER, Palmer, Texas
Oreozz SILVER, Palmer, Texas
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Every year I create a new resolution, hoping to make my life -in that year- better than the one before. Most of the time it is “lose weight”, “be myself”, or “eat healthier”. This year though, my resolution was simple- say yes more. It sounds easy, simple, stupid even to some, but I knew this would dramatically change my world.

If you don’t believe me, think about the day you just experienced, how many times did you say the word no? You have said it at least once, I am sure of it. That one word just stopped you from accepting an opportunity for adventure, fun, or memories. Two letters stopped you from experiencing something new. Two letters! Two letters with the correct pronunciation stopped you; it disabled you from expanding your world of memories. Do you see yet, the power of yes?

Now, not all things should be answered with yes (such as the chance to try drugs, etc.) but saying yes is powerful. That word opens you up to new things, expands your comfort zone, and helps you live more vibrantly. Yes is just a three letter word, it should not intimidate or scare but encourage one to live! Without Yes would you have any memories to speak of? Would you have friends? Would you have anything worth living for? Yes made all those things happen for you, and yet somewhere along the road we start to push yes aside for no.

No is a safe word that makes sure we never get hurt or regret decisions; however it is also what keeps us from a life full of smiles and laughs. No is a stop sign that we all fear to pass, afraid of what will happen next. Those two letters are full of what ifs that we are too doubtful to face. Even the most convivial person can be inhibited by such what ifs. Do not be fooled that no is the only word stopping us, it comes in many different forms such as can’t, forget it, I’m busy, maybe next time, or I’ll pass. Thankfully yes knew we would have trouble and came with backup of its own such as sure, of course, all right, sure thing and okay.

Yes is hard to use -in any form- but trust me when I say, to say yes is the most powerful thing you can do. Those three letters allow you to open doors that have long been closed and to truly live. So, next time someone asks you to hang out over the weekend or to go out Saturday night, even though you don’t know you feel up to it, say yes! You will soon find –as I have- that life will be more fulfilling, vivid, and animated. Do you see yet, the power of yes?

The author's comments:
Try to say yes more, I implore you!

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