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October 6, 2011
By ListenToTheNonsense320 PLATINUM, Hallandale Beach, Florida
ListenToTheNonsense320 PLATINUM, Hallandale Beach, Florida
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"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -Beatrice Evelyn Hall.
"Stones are raw, they blunt my paw, but words will never hurt me." (The Sight, David Clement-Davies) And many more...

Remember how we fall and scrape a knee? And how we used to cry, but now we suck it up? It still hurts though doesn't it? Well, do you also remember how we pray we never get kidnapped? You know, so we don't get tortured and have to go through a pain that you can't suck up, stand up, and walk off? Well, remember how that's what happens to innocent animals? You know how we can't imagine how much it hurts to be stabbed, or have a leg cut off or snapped off, or be clubbed? Well, animals do. Cows do, frogs do, dogs do, seals, whales, sharks, and deer do. Remember how we think puppies and kitties are adorable? Well remember how also we're scared of snakes, alligators, and sometimes skunks, because they like spray you? Well, is that a reason to kill them?
Remember how there's people we hate? Well, remember that even though we say we're going to kill them we don't? Unless we're like serial killers, but we're not. Wouldn't it be kind of mean to be used as testing for products we don't like use? Well that happens to them. And you know how it would suck if Open Season meant big scary dudes with big scary guns coming to hunt us? Well, animals know what that feels like.
Oh, and remember how bad people go to jail? Then why are animals charged for crimes they haven't committed? You know how It's sometimes fun to see people fall? Or like something bad happen to them? As long as they're like not seriously hurt? Well, remember how it's not fun when something really bad does happen to them? Well, then you shouldn't harm animals for your pleasure because it's not funny.
You know how you can remember the silly things in life? Well, like remember this because It's true.

The author's comments:
I love animals and most people don't see what we're doing to them.

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