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Common Days.

January 13, 2011
By vallerieanna18 GOLD, Madawaska, Maine
vallerieanna18 GOLD, Madawaska, Maine
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I am not doing much with my life.

I am in school, living the life that I have to the fullest that my life will let me, which, by my own mistake, is not a lot. I haven’t gone skiing in what feels like forever, and I haven’t been anywhere since god knows when. Sure, I have friends, but I'm sure that all of them think that I'm as boring as the last time that they all hung out with me in my basement. They used to love me so much, I wonder what happened to them, or let alone, me.

I go through my day, walking the same steps that I have taken a million times before, and I will continue to take them a million times more. I look at the same hall way, and see the same thing at the end; a door waiting for me to enter it. I look up and see the same water stain that I always do and think to myself that this school still is as poor as the day that my dad had gone here. Its sad really.

I enter the room, its hot. This room has always been odd in that way, either its really hot, or its really cold and somehow the teacher is always comfortable. I think hes out to get us.

I realize what going to happen today. I’m going to sit down at the same desk across from the same person and look at the same TV, and watch the same show at the same time and wait for it to end at the same time, with the same closing statement “That's all we have time for today, we’ll see you tomorrow”. Little do the people on the TV know that, we’re actually going to be forced to read tomorrow at this time, and won’t have the privilege of watching their show. Saddening really.

The teacher comes up to me again, and grabs me on the shoulder in the pedo-ish way that he always has. It freaks me out really, but its nothing inappropriate, so I don’t freak out about it. He says something to me in a low voice and I don’t hear it, my serious hearing problem defects me from hearing anything below a yell, so I burst out in the middle of the silence “WHAT?!?!” and he repeats himself a little bit louder. I stare at his lips to get a jist of what hes saying, but still I don’t get what hes saying. He walks away and I ask my friend across from me what the was saying; they say its about shoes. I look down at my shoes; there is nothing wrong with them. High heels, black, with laces. What could he of possibly meant? I ignore this part of my day and move on.

I walk to my next class; Computer Applications. I sit down at my desk, turn on my computer, and go on my favorite site. Tumblr. I blog, and I blog, and I blog. Nothing new really. The teacher is talking and talking and I tend to ignore her anyways. I know everything about computers, so I don’t have to be taught anything. I just look at my computer and wait for her to be quiet.

I hear my friends talking about a Global Studies report and I subconsciously laugh. I had been excused from that class. I was supposed to retake it this year, but my grade was actually passing. The guidance counselor is stupid. This is the only part of my day that hasn't gone planned.

I don't like change, but yet, here I am complaining.

I should really be quiet about this kind of stuff, but then again, it would defect me from writing.

I think I'll keep complaining.

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Being bored in class is never a good thing.

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