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We can change the world

April 28, 2010
By ForeverHome BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
ForeverHome BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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It takes 43 muscles to frown, 15 to smile, but just 4 to reach out and slap someone.

What we eat is literally what we are. The puffy and crunchy French fry can give us puffy eyes, the dry tasting energy drinks can give us dry skin, and the sour sugar sprinkled gummies can give us zits. But the worst is the crap that we put in our school lunches.

At schools people are eating food just as bad as if they went to a dump and started eating the garbage. Processed chicken nuggets are one of the worst. Instead of using the good cuts of meat they take the cartilage, the bone, the connective tissue, and blend it up in a machine. Once they have the paste that is a chicken nugget they shape them into nuggets and put them into breading and fry them.

But that’s not the worst. Once schools start going healthy then parents will start making brown bag lunches for the kids. Most likely the lunch will have candy, fruit snacks, gelatin, maybe fruit, and more sugar. It’s startling when the school is serving all the unhealthy foods, but when the parents do it’s scary.

A British chef, Jamie Oliver, changed this in England and recognized that it was happening here in America. He went to America’s most unhealthy city to make the changes. The small town of Huntington, WV, was the unhealthiest town in America. It was predicted that the children there would live a shorter life than their parents.

If the events that made Huntington the unhealthiest town in America are in schools and they’re all using the same processed food then what does that say about what we feed our kids? Surely we can turn one towns change into millions.

All that we need to do is read the ingredients and if it sounds like an advanced rocket science lesson put it down and reach for something that sounds like your grandmother’s cupboard, eggs, butter, flour, sugar. Because when we know what we’re eating then we know we can do better. We need to keep the nation healthy for the future. Try shopping organically, grow a garden, for if you have a friend that has a farm or knows someone who has a farm you can get farm fresh food.

We can keep people healthy. We can change the nation. One person at a time.

The author's comments:
This is an essay I had to write for school that really hits home for me.

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