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Divorce and devistation

July 27, 2009
By NatalieB. GOLD, Loudon, Virginia
NatalieB. GOLD, Loudon, Virginia
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In current times, divorces are usual things. Everyone is so used to them that no one really sees how sad they really are. Most people see a divorce as two people leaving eachother. What it really is, is two people falling out of love. Without children it is bad enough. But with children it's devistating. I remember when it had hapened to me and my siblings. First we didn't understand. Then, when we finally cought on, we were crushed. For awhile, I thought it was my fault. That is something no one child should think when parents have a divorce, but we do anyway. The divorce was hard on me, because I had seen movies where the kid had to pick one parent to live with. I asked my parents about this, and they said not to worry about that, becuase it would never happen. I was still worried though. I soon grew used to switching between parents. After the first month or so, it really isn't that bad. There isn't anymore fighting betwen my parents and it doesn't seem very strange to me anymore. When divorces happen, you need to support both of your parents. Try not to fight with any of your siblings, and try to be as polite as you can. It is also good to spend time with each of your parents becuase they need to know that this isn't affecting your relationshipwith them, and they know you know that they did this for the best.

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I hope this helps anyone who's parent's are going through a divorce right now.

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