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HKSAR Establishment Day

July 8, 2009
By Anson Lee PLATINUM, Chai Wan, Other
Anson Lee PLATINUM, Chai Wan, Other
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People in Hong Kong celebrate HKSAR Establishment Day because it is the day when Great Britain finally gave Hong Kong back to China and it is now a public holiday. It was first made into a public holiday in 1997. Before that, it was not a public holiday. (Boo! Hiss!)

On Establishment day, the Government of the HKSAR has a Flag Raising Ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square in the morning and also they pass out medals to selected people who have a significant contribution to Hong Kong. Parties that support the government organize dozens of parades, shows, ceremonies, etc.

However, in all good things, somebody usually has to walk in and spoil it. In Hong Kong, many people decide to choose HKSAR Establishment Day to join up and protest in the streets against the government instead of celebrating happiness.

At least Hong Kong protests are different to protests of other countries. In other countries, machine guns are really needed because the protesters sometimes throw bricks and other deadly things that often kill a lot of people and the police often have to stop them with machine guns. Personally, I wish that the police would scale the buildings and throw pepper-gas grenades on to the protesters, spray them with water cannons, and if necessary, shoot them with MP5 submachine guns.

In Hong Kong, the protesters organize themselves into groups of 100-1000 people, each having their own banners and slogans. Then they take to the streets, each group protesting something different from other groups. Nobody dies in Hong Kong protests.

Also in Hong Kong, when the police calculate the amount of people in the protests with helicopters, they usually lie about the amount of people. Example, when there are actually ten thousand people in the protest, the police may say there are only eight thousand people. But the protesters will usually exaggerate the number of people and may say there are twelve thousand people. All you have to do is add the number of people the police say to the number of people the protesters say and then divide by two and the result should be roughly the same to the real number of people.

In today’s protest march, the police said there were twenty-six thousand protesters, while the protesters said there were seventy-six thousand of them, which averagely there were fifty-one thousand protesters. Sadly, today the protesters brutally assaulted the police. First, they started to argue, and then the protesters attacked the police and pushed them back. Bruised and battered, the police bravely formed a defensive line to hold out the protesters. But the protesters attacked a point in the line again, punching and kicking the police until they retreated and went through a hole they gained. Luckily, the police regrouped with reinforcements and bravely launched a counterattack. Fighting hard with the protesters, and although outnumbered, the police fought hand-to-hand with the protesters, kicking and punching the protesters. The battle lasted for 30 minutes, with the police finally pushing the protesters backwards and regained order.

After all this, I think that before the protesters go back to their homes, the police should gather at least eight thousand men and lay an ambush. When the protesters reach the point of the ambush, the police should leap out and battle the protesters with fists, punches, kicks, etc., and quickly gain control of the situation. After handcuffing them all, they should gather them into trucks and bring them to justice. If the protesters do escape, then have teams of helicopters patrol the city and when they find the homes of the protesters, police sharpshooters should hit them with a tranquillizer dart and swiftly bundle them into the helicopters and bring them to police stations to face justice.

In other countries, their national days can be different from Hong Kong’s. In China and the Soviet Union, the national day is 1st October, or Red October, probably because that: 1. The color of Communists is red, 2. it was on 1st October that the communist revolutions in China and the Soviet Union were successful.

In the United States, the national day, or Independence Day as Americans call it, is on 4th July. It is for independence from Britain and it is on 4th July because it is the day when America won the war against Britain.

In Canada, the national day is July 1. Canadians celebrate July 1 because it is the day when Canada was united as a country of four provinces in 1867. Amazingly, Canada’s national day is the same day as Hong Kong! At school, we can celebrate the same thing in one day!

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