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Adelie penguin Information

May 1, 2009
By HomerunHitter GOLD, Rockford, Michigan
HomerunHitter GOLD, Rockford, Michigan
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The Adelie Penguins are the smallest group of penguins to inhabit Antarctica, its peninsula, and the surrounding islands. They were named after the wife of a French explorer in the 1930’s. They stand about 28 inches tall and weigh about 8 to 9 pounds. They are jet black except for their abdomen and the underside of their flippers which are white. They are one of the stiff-tailed penguins with long tail feathers that drag on the ground when they walk.

Food Group: The Adelie Penguins are carnivores that feed on small shoaling animals and small fish.
Fish→ Adelie Penguins→ Leopard Seals→ Killer Whale
Breeding: These penguins nest on the rocky, ice free beaches in large colonies of tens of thousands of birds. There are over 2.5 million breeding pairs. Adelie Penguins return to their natal grounds to breed each summer.
Predators: The MacCormick skua, Sheatbill, Giant petrel, and of course the Leopard Seal.


Beak: Allows the penguins to snatch fish right from the water

Feathers: They are waterproof and protect the penguin from very frigid temperatures

Flippers: Makes the penguin very agile in the water and enables them to catch their prey.

Brood Patch: It is a featherless patch on their stomach that keeps the eggs warm during incubation.

Fact File:

28 inches tall

Length of incubation is 33 days
8 to 9 pounds
Produce 2 eggs

2.5 million breeding pairs

Did You Know: During the breeding season, thousands of penguins gather on the shoreline, waiting to see who will be brave enough to jump in first. They fear the Leopard Seals who wait under the surface of the water.

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