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To the innocent child

May 7, 2009
By Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
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To the Innocent Child

A reflection of everyone’s inner self; a child not held to any responsibilities or tiresome tasks that “need to be done”. A wobbling tike whose only concern is to have as much fun as possible; a child who lives in a world that isn’t suppressed by rules or facts; there are no taxes, bills, or the even the concept of death; no, the child is immersed in a world of magic. The thunder that scares the child isn’t explained through boring weather patterns, it is a giant beast letting out a blood curdling roar. A mere substance of water is as fascinating as their toes; add in some dirt and the child is in their own utopia. The child does not need to ingest hallucinogenic poisons to see the world in a sense of pure joy. How is it that the innocent child grows into a dictator, a killer, or someone who enjoys the pain of others? What taints the child? There isn’t a thing called a cruel world, it is the things that inhabit the world that make it cruel. Is it that there are demons stored within our own flesh waiting for adulthood to strike out? No for some mythical reason anger, frustration, jealousy, and hate enter the child from an unknown source. Pain, suffering, and discontent are but states of mind. There is nothing to hold you to these. Let go of this poison to man; and just let the innocent child out. Let the child’s bright shiny face warm the earth like the kiss we receive from the sun. Let the child love and play to their heart’s satisfaction. Don’t bog the child down with the tainted thoughts we for some reason retain. Why are you afraid to love? The facts and the pain just ruin the beautiful magic that is our life. Our blessed life deems not to remain a tortured soul. Release the reflection of the greater mankind, and let the child roam freely.

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Dreams Do Come True

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