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Someone Is Crying

July 12, 2014
By HumeraThahur SILVER, Yanbu Industrial City, Other
HumeraThahur SILVER, Yanbu Industrial City, Other
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12:45 pm, California

I’m Alyssa, a 16 year old girl who loves chocolate, music and shopping. It’s quite hot in California today and I am here shopping in Forever21 with my friends. I spot a lacy floral print dress and hold it up so that my friends can admire it. “WOW! Where did you get that?” my friend Nicole says. We pay our bills and head to another shop with our Starbucks and shopping bags in our hands. “Ta Daa” I pick out some pink wedges…

3:45 am, Gaza Strip

I’m Sarah, a 16 year old girl who awaits peace and seeks for some shelter, a glass of water, some food and my small brother Zaid who went lost from yesterday. The Israeli militants have their arms ready to fire at every Palestinian they catch and I’m hiding with my mother in despair. We haven’t had anything for three days since the invasion and are wearing the same torn and filthy night gowns from the day we ran away for our lives when those inhumane creatures broke into our house and shot my father dead. My mother is still a grieving widow and my brother got lost when we were running midst the dusty streets of Gaza where they blasted a bomb an hour ago. The place is full of chaos and chaos. I pray to God that my father rests in peace and the war ends soon. But nobody can put out the fire in my heart even though they set fire to my house. I will find a way to find Zaid and escape to Egypt with my mother. Little did we know what miseries the Saturday of 2009 could bring and would put me and my family in this bloodshed and humanitarian crisis?

Dear brothers and sisters, when I say this I also include the obsolete men and their obsolete war fares. When Alyssa has the right to freedom, then why not Sarah? There are many Sarah’s in hope and many Zaid’s missing but the war goes on. War is probably the ugliest thing on this planet. People are watching Fifa while people in Gaza are watching their family members’ burn to ashes or their flesh ripped off. We are partying with our friends and celebrating our own little successes while a three year old boy is trying to wake up his mother who is lying dead in one corner.

When will we raise our voice?

Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?

Help save GAZA and ‘Fight against War’

It’s high time we notice that in one part of the world someone is crying…

The author's comments:
Palestine - Dying to Live. Where is humanity? Free Gaza & Palsetine.It's not about religion, it's about humanity. Pray for Gaza...

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