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April 22, 2013
By Literature_Darling GOLD, Warrenton, Virginia
Literature_Darling GOLD, Warrenton, Virginia
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"To live is the rarest thing of all. Most people exsist and that is all." ~Oscar Wilde
"I am a writer quite by accident, the way one my fall and rip a hole in their jeans." ~Blogger H. B. Sachs

My parents wanted twins, so that we could always play together. Instead, they got us; my sister six years old, running in the backyard with her shiny new soccer ball and me at three trying to keep up on my toddler legs that had not yet become the lean legs of a child. That is how it has always been with us. She runs through life, like she is in a race against the entire world. I walk behind, the shadow she casts a nice shaded place for me to live in.

My sister is all vintage records and thrift store sweaters, because if she does not try to be like everyone else she can never be rejected. Because not trying scares her more than failing, she runs headlong into anything that is asked of her in hopes of acceptance. In those moments I envy her strength. In those moments she pushes me away.

But sometimes her facade slips, and her happy face melts like sidewalk chalk in the rain. I see the pain laced with fear, in her eyes. In those moments we are close, running at the same speed. In those moments I cling to her because I realize that her helium balloon body longs to float away.

And sometimes I see her how she sees herself; the broken edged person underneath the layer of sugar coating. I see how she how life has pushed her down so many times her knees are perpetually scabbed and her hands callused from picking up the shattered pieces of her life. It is in these moments that I love her most. Because in these moments I realize that she is a warrior, a queen, a dandelion lost in the wind, a river divided by a rock. There are no words to describe her. She simply is.

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on Sep. 30 2013 at 10:20 pm
CrazySissi GOLD, Newman Lake, Washington
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My only love sprung from my only hate. Too early seen unknown and known too late.

I really like this piece. It really shows how you feel towards your sister. Keep up the good work.

on Jun. 15 2013 at 6:34 pm
Laugh-it-Out PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York, New York
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"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light" --Dylan Thomas

It has been a while since I read your work, and I jus wanted to check back in. Let me tell you that this is amazing.i would have published this because not only is it extremely cute, but poetic, deep, emotional, and relatable; all qualities you have. I loved all the descriptions of everything and the beginning really catches your attention. I have a sister also and though we fight sooooooo often, I love her. Beautiful work Darling, keep rockin

on Jun. 12 2013 at 11:03 pm
PhoenixCrossing GOLD, Tinley Park, Illinois
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This is really deep. You must really love your sister. I like the ending the most when you're most poetically descriptive. The part about her wanting to fit in is confusing because you said "vintage records and thrift store sweaters" and that doesn't sound like trying to fit in at all.